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August 2017: Featured Artist: Art for animal conservation: Monterrey, Mexico

“Exposición de arte pro conservación de la vida animal” on Vimeo:

August 2017: Alianza Francesa Exposicion

My work will show in this gallery in Monterrey for a few weeks very soon.

December, 2016: LACDA: Electron Salon

LACDA: Electron Salon

Proud to find out that my piece "The Gathering" was selected to be part of the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art's show this month.

"Aurora Streams" Scouting

Hauling around a tripod, camera, and heavy lens, dressed in layers of warm clothes, crunching through snow. Breathing cold air, feeling the calm, quiet energy at the summit of the vast mountain range 20 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. A moment that comes close to finding the soul I search for in my work.  

--- Fairbanks, Alaska, November 2016

December 10, 2016: Searching for Aurora Streams Compositions

Searching for Aurora Streams Compositions

Preparing for night fine art creation. Searching for compositions for my Aurora Streams work during the day so at night I could focus on adding the lights to finish my vision for each piece. This is me by the trees in my piece called "We Are". It was quite cold to this San Diego Native's blood; shooting in these extremes required considerable acquisition of skills, not to mention a new love of REI handwarmers.

--Fairbanks, Alaska, November 2016

La Jolla Home Installation

La Jolla Home Installation

Nine of my pieces on plaqs installed in a La Jolla home.

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